Night Shift Receiver (Richmond, VA)

Full-Time | Richmond, VA

Salary: $15-17/hour

Job Description: 

A Receiving Associate is also responsible for ensuring that produce and dairy products being delivered are received from its suppliers and stored in the proper manner within the warehouse areas.

*Receiver may have to pull orders on busy nights*


  • To handle the forklift in a safe and consistent manner following the user guidelines and Keany warehouse safety regulations and procedures.
  • To ensure proper warehouse storage of produce items so that inventory is managed in such a way that inventory is housed in the correct location and the oldest inventory is used first.
  • To ensure that products are stored safely and that a clean warehouse environment is maintained.
  • To input data for received items in the system to reflect current inventory levels.
  • To transfer inventory to other warehouse departments and properly dispose of damaged products.
  • To pull produce and dairy products for specific government orders.
  • Cleaning the warehouse area including sweeping and removal of any boxes

Skills & Experience: 


  • High school diploma or equivalent industry experience
  •  Two years of warehouse receiving experience.


  • able to drive a stand-up forklift and sit-down forklift
  • knowledge of produce types and ability to make judgements on product quality
  • ability to read put-away reports and match with slot location and case product description
  • flexible and adaptable to change in work assignments and priorities. Must be a self-starter, assertive – decision maker, forward thinker, and problem solver

Work Environment

  • minimum lift requirement of 50-60 lbs on a regular basis
  • cold, wet environment
  • must be comfortable working in a fast-paced, multi-tasked environment, and have good organizational skills