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Chef Anthony Peake, Director of Culinary of Stanford Grill in Columbia, MD

Chef Anthony Peake is the Director of Culinary of Stanford Grill in Columbia, MD. He grew up in the city of Baltimore in a very artistically inclined family. With a musician father that favors the drum, and a mother that is a creator of art through oil and canvas, it is no surprise that Chef Anthony would also choose an artistic pathway. Using food as his medium and his dedication of time to perfect his art, he fulfilled his childhood dream of becoming a chef. Admittedly, Chef Anthony sheepishly attributes his passion for cooking to his mom’s not so great cooking. It is through those dishes that he learned to utilize his sense of taste and his growing knowledge of ingredients to make the meals even better.

Chef Anthony graduated from Johnson & Wales with a degree in Culinary Arts. He spent some time training at Ridgewells and has previously worked for McCormick & Smith for over 10 years. With an accumulation of over 20 years of experience in the field, he opened Stanford Grill and has since been instrumental in growing other concepts like Copper Canyon Grill for Blue Ridge Restaurant Group. He has been with Stanford Grill for 8 years now and there are no signs of stopping him! Indoctrinated in Italian, Traditional American, and Seafood cuisines, Chef Anthony has an arsenal of knowledge that can guarantee his continued success.

Inspiration seem to come from everywhere for Chef Anthony. He loves creating not just exquisite food but also engaging memories for his guests. He defines his greatest accomplishments as a Chef to be devising an experience that the guest will recollect for the rest of their life. Whether it be something that tastes like their childhood or something that adheres them to something that deeply resonates within their life. Chef’s rich connection to his food is something that he tries to instill in his employees. He sets an elevated standard of quality for the food that comes out of his kitchen and also encourages personalized, real, and flawless service between his team and their guests. In fact, the greatest compliment and three little words that he cherishes from his guests is “we’ll be back”. This mindset has led to multiple awards individually and for his establishments. These awards include, Stanford Grill being named to have the Best Steak in Howard County, and it was named as part of the Top 100 establishments to win best group dining experience and, as a personal achievement, a second place spot in the Maryland Crab Soup Contest.

Being the Director of Culinary for Sanford Grill comes with a lot of responsibilities but Chef Anthony believes very strongly in the uniqueness of the concept’s all wood grills as well as the strength of his culinary team. He is confident that the filet with gorgonzola bleu cheese and cabernet sauce will win anyone over and if that isn’t enough, they have the best bread pudding and key lime pie in town! Chef Anthony’s future is full of triumph and we are sure to see him, perhaps judging another Chili Cookoff, or if given a chance, featured in a clash against an Iron Chef. For now, you can find him at Sanford Grill in Columbia, MD teaching his team that they must have real passion for this business or they will not survive – that’s the kind of tough love that teaches a lesson.