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Chef Daniela Moreira is the Executive Chef for Timber Pizza!

Executive Chef Daniela Moreira is from the beautiful village of Alta-Garcia “High Grace”, Argentina. Although she had dreams of becoming a veterinarian, she believes she was destined to become a chef given her family’s history in the restaurant industry. In grade school, she worked side by side with her mother and grandmother at a summer camp, where they owned a restaurant located on the water . Daniela enjoyed spending quality time with her family in the kitchen, which resulted in a strong appreciation for the art of cooking. As Daniela grew older, she got a job working in her Uncle’s restaurant that specialized in Argentinian cuisine. She was in charge of making the desserts and always received compliments from customers. She began realizing that she had returning customers who were specifically interested in her desserts. It was at this point when Daniela recognized her culinary talent and ability to bring happiness to others.

Inspired to become a professional chef, Daniela moved to Italy at age 19 to get more experience in the kitchen. She soon realized that she would need a culinary degree in order to fully pursue her passion. She picked up and moved to the United States, where she enrolled at the Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School, a school for immigrants, in Washington DC. From there she won a scholarship to the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in New York. Upon graduating, Daniela moved back to Washington DC where she started her own catering company out of her basement. As luck would have it, while buying produce at a farmer’s market, Chef Daniela struck up a conversation with the two owners of Timber Pizza. The owners could see the potential in the young chef and offered her a position on the spot. Daniela started as a Line Cook at Timber Pizza in late 2015 and worked her way up to become the Executive Chef at Timber Pizza, one of 100 Very Best Restaurants voted by the Washingtonian in 2017.