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Chef John Gouldin is the Regional Chef for Flik International!

Regional Chef John Gouldin grew up in Alexandria, Virginia. He developed a love of cooking at a young age, watching PM Magazine episodes and learning from his grandmother. However, it was his mother who inspired him to pursue his dreams of starting a career in the restaurant business.

John’s professional career started 35 years ago at the New England Culinary Institute where he earned an Associate of Arts degree and a degree in Culinary Arts/Chef Training. During his time at the New England Culinary Institute he studied classic French cuisine and participated in an internship program at The Nicholas – Mayflower Hotel under Chef Jeffrey Buben. After graduation, he accepted a position at the Occidental Grill where he was in charge of all aspects of Culinary operations in two separate dining areas with fine dining, grill menus, and banquet operations. Since then, Chef John has worked with Hilton Hotels and Resorts as an Executive Chef on 5 outlets and catering. With Hilton Hotels Chef John managed 3 executive sous chefs and over 100 team members and was the Director of Restaurants for a short period of time. After leaving Hilton Hotel, John started at Flik International as their Executive Chef and was most recently promoted to Regional Chef for Flik International, where he is in charge of multiple units in the Washington DC Metro area.

Chef John’s culinary passion originates with the food he delivers each day along with the organization and execution of operations throughout the Flik properties. John says that the most rewarding aspect of being a Chef is making people happy through your food and seeing your hard work pay off in delivering great results. He has also enjoyed teaching and mentoring his staff throughout the years. Aside from setting the high standard on good food, Chef cherishes the constant interaction he has with his customers. He explains that hearing “I Love Your Food” from one of his customers is by far the best compliment he can be given.

Chef John balances his culinary career with quality time spent with family and friends, especially his wife, Linda. Additionally, he takes advantage of any opportunities to sleep in past 5am. Chef John also enjoys exercising and stays busy with his 5 wonderful grandchildren, including 4 boys and 1 girl.