Featured Chef

Ingenious Preparations Meet Inspired Ingredients

His passion for cooking started while cooking traditional meals with meat and potatoes with his grandmother in an Iowa kitchen and continues to this day. Louis Goral is our Chef of the Month for August, and this passion is obvious and each and every dish he creates as the Chef de Cuisine at Rural Society, a contemporary Argentine steakhouse. At 16, Louis started his culinary career working at a local Denver Chuck E Cheese and continued his career working in a variety of restaurants while completing his two Bachelor’s Degrees in Spanish and Literature.

After graduating with these degrees, Louis had the epiphany that his true desire was to become a chef while working in the kitchen at Appaloosa Grill in Denver, Colorado. In order to accomplish this dream, Louis started working alongside Chef Jose Garces at Amada in Philadelphia six years ago and eventually moved to Mercat a la Planxa in Chicago. When the opportunity arose to grow Chef Jose Garces’ brand in DC, Louis jumped on the opportunity and has been at Rural Society since.

While creating magic in the kitchen is an important part of Louis’ life, music is as well. Outside of the Kitchen, you are likely to find Louis behind his drum set or listening to his favorite band Refused, a 90’s Swedish punk rock band. As a member of a few different bands in the past, it isn’t unlikely that we could see Louis on a stage at a show in the future! When he isn’t in the kitchen or playing his drums, Louis also likes to travel and has been to multiple countries in both Europe and South America. These experiences help him to further his knowledge about different cooking techniques and continue to expand and enhance his menu.

If you are in the Washington, D.C. area, stop by Rural Society and sample some of Louis’ delectable dishes that will leave you feeling like you just dined in Argentina! You won’t regret it.