Featured Chef

Ingenious Preparations Meet Inspired Ingredients

For Chef Marc Heckrotte, his career started with his first job and an ice cream scoop at the age of 16 for a local Friendly’s in Baltimore, Maryland. Following this job, he worked at several other local restaurants and attended Towson for a Bachelor’s in English. Chef Marc wasn’t quite sure what he wanted to do while growing up, but the restaurant business just seemed to keep pulling him in. When he finally realized that his calling was to become a chef instead of pursuing a career with his English degree, he went to L’Academie de Cuisine to get a degree in the culinary arts.

After a few more stunts in other restaurants, including two years in Pennsylvania, Chef Marc ended up at Franklins Brewery and has been the Executive Chef here for the past thirteen years. Franklins Brewery is a restaurant with a local and sustainable produce focus. Chef Marc does his best to incorporate as many local items that are in season into his menu as possible. If you eat at Franklins, you will notice the simple and “homey” feeling that comes with each and every dish. Chef Marc is hoping to continue this feeling in Old Maryland Grill, a restaurant the Franklins Brewery is planning to open in 2017 and that will feature an oyster bar!

Just like his career started in a restaurant, Chef Marc’s marriage did as well, as he met his loving wife while working for Piccolos. They now have two kids, a son and a daughter, and all enjoy not only cooking together, but traveling and finding other fun things to do as well. When most people can’t figure out what to do, they sit on google or end up doing nothing. When Chef Marc’s family can’t figure out something fun to do, they turn to their jar filled with fun local ideas that they’ve added over time and pick a piece of paper to decide what they’re doing that day.

If you haven’t eaten at Franklins Brewery yet, stop in there to try their food and to say hello to Chef Marc. He is an awesome person as well as an awesome Chef who likes to live life to the fullest and keep everyone around him happy. You won’t be disappointed.