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Ingenious Preparations Meet Inspired Ingredients

Chef Mark Timms is the Executive Chef at the Fairmont Hotel in Washington, DC.

Chef Mark Timms was born on a sunny day in Sheffield, Yorkshire County, England. As a young man, he dreamed of becoming an artist. He was accepted to the Liverpool Art School, the same school where John Lennon studied. However, Chef was determined to find a path where he could combine his love for creativity with his love for food. Chef completed a Guild Certification in Nouvelle Cuisine at the Granville Culinary School at Sheffield College in three years and moved to the big city of London.

Chef Timms’ first job in London was at the Grosvenor House near Hyde Park in Downtown London. Soon after, he moved to the Savoy Hotel where he would clean green beans for eight hours a day. He quickly learned the pace of the demanding kitchen environment, but grew an appreciation for the work. Chef Timms was ready for a new challenge and decided to move to the US. After being granted a Visa, he began his US career in Houston where he worked at the Hyatt Houston and the Ritz-Carlton. Chef Timms then moved to the East Coast to serve as the Executive Chef at the Tristan in Charleston, South Carolina. He served as Executive Chef for over 7 years before moving to Vermont and then settling in Washington, DC.

In January 2013, Chef Timms started at Fairmont Washington as their Hotel Executive Chef.Although clearly a culinary expert, he gives all credit and extreme praise to his staff. Chef describes his staff as some of the most talented and caring people he has had the pleasure of working with. Each member of his team is invested in a common goal; to make the best food in Washington, DC. It is clear that Chef Timms has a sincere passion for both the love of food and for his staff. Despite his many positions in the industry, Chef explained that the Executive Chef at the Fairmont has been the most fun and most rewarding job of his career. The Fairmont Washington has had a long relationship with Keany for over 30 years – we are excited about the opportunity to enhance this relationship through Chef Timms.

Chef has had the opportunity to cook for and host a number of famous guests including the Queen of England, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, and Tony Blair. Chef’s style is known for its delicious simplicity and letting the ingredients speak for themselves. Chef prides himself on using the freshest ingredients and always supporting local farms. Chef partners with Keany to make sure he has access to locally available products throughout the year.

Chef Timms is a devout Catholic and is on the board of multiple charities throughout the DC area. Despite serving international celebrities, Chef explains that feeding the less fortunate in our DC neighborhoods is the most rewarding culinary experience. When out of the kitchen, he enjoys spending time with lovely wife, Carla, and his three children. A native of Peru, Carla’s South American heritage has influenced Chef’s palate and his tendency to try exotic flavors and ingredients in his dishes. His love of travel and culture continues to inspire his cuisine and make him one of the most creative chefs in Washington, DC. Keany looks forward to continuing the exciting partnership with Chef Timms and The Fairmont.