Featured Chef

Ingenious Preparations Meet Inspired Ingredients

Sean Hall is the Executive Chef at Chadwick’s in Alexandria, VA.

Like many children, Chef Sean Hall grew up helping his mother in the kitchen. He unwillingly admits thinking that his mother wasn’t the best cook as a child, and wanting to help her. As he grew up and tried new cuisines and watched different cooking shows, he realized that his mother was never a bad cook, but an adventurous cook. It is through her patience with him and ability to teach him how to follow recipes, that he gained an interest in the culinary arts.

As a military child, Chef Sean had the opportunity to move around and experience different cultures. When he moved from Germany to America at 17, Sean got a job at Chadwick’s in Alexandria, VA; helping the restaurant with anything that they needed. After spending some time at Chadwick’s, he left to pursue other ventures before returning years later as the Kitchen Supervisor and then Head Line Cook. This is when he first met his wife, as she was a server there at the time. They both worked there for a bit together before both moving in other directions for their careers and eventually getting married before having their beautiful daughter.

One of these positions for Sean turned out to be helping to open the Daily Grill in Georgetown. This position was key to his career as it was his first time working closely with a trained and experienced chef. Chef Don Dickman recognized Sean’s passion and talent in the kitchen quickly, and took him under his wing to help build upon his technique. Following his time at the Daily Grill, Sean made the trek back to Chadwick’s again; this time as the Executive Sous Chef. As the Executive Sous Chef, he now had the opportunity to work closely with Chef Peter Durkin, of whom Sean also regards as one of the Mentors who helped shape his career.

After years of working hard towards honing his creative culinary skill set, Sean was able to move into the title of Executive Chef at Chadwick’s – Alexandria. He enjoys working with his team to create dishes that will leave a lasting impression on his guests.

Nothing allows Chef Sean to let his culinary creative genius shine more than the bi-monthly beer dinners at Chadwick’s. These dinners allow him to create everything from scratch and take advantage of unique local and seasonal items. If you’re ever in the area, try to stop by and try Sean’s cooking, or if you’re able, attend one of these beer themed dinners! The next one is on March 8th and is West Coast vs. East Coast themed!