Bubba’s Sweet Nectar

Bubba’s Sweet Nectar, located in central Virginia, was started by two highly-skilled Intensive Care Registered Nurses. Their friendship was one of brotherhood, calling each other “Bubba” as a nickname. They provide 100% pure, raw honey in primarily Clover and Wildflower varietals. Clover is traditionally the honey most people use and has a light, mild flavor. Wildflower is a mixed floral honey produce from a wide range of flowers; it is usually richer and tangier than clover honey. Their honey is natural, non-pasteurized, non-ultra-filtered, and does not contain additives or artificial preservatives. The current capacity of their operations is 500 to 1000 cases per week, while also supplying small local markets. Bubba’s Sweet Nectar is committed to the future of honey bees and our planet.