Hummingbird Farms

Hummingbird Farms provides some of the area’s best local tomatoes. For more than 30 years, Jennifer Lawson Sturmer, founder and owner of Hummingbird Farms, has dedicated her career to producing the most flavorful greenhouse-grown tomatoes in an environmentally-friendly way. Grown hydroponically in a completely controlled environment, Hummingbird is committed to producing great products without the use of harsh chemicals and picking-to-order to keep the tomatoes on the vine as long as possible, ensuring the flavor is maintain from farm to fork. In addition to their impressive growing process, Hummingbird also uses predator insects, organic soaps, and oils to control pests and disease. Her various greenhouses produce approximately 11 tons of tomatoes per week and are in high demand throughout the DC-metro area. It is no secret that Hummingbird Farms produces some of the best-tasting hothouse-grown tomatoes in the area, and when asked how they do it, Jen attributes their success to planting the best seeds. They grow a variety of tomatoes, including beefsteak, heirloom, cherry, as well as red, yellow, and orange clusters. After working with Jen for 30 years, Keany is proud to call Jen and Hummingbird Farms not only a great local partner, but a great friend.