Lakeville Specialty Produce

Krys Yarish’s operations has earned a nationwide exemplary reputation for extensive technological and horticultural expertise, as well as remarkable sustainable processes. Lakeville Specialty Produce has been offering clean, fresh, and safe specialty salad greens for over 35 years.  Growing a variety of baby greens and specialty microgreens using controlled environment agriculture means their products are pesticide and herbicide free. Lakeville uses a combination of various greenhouse techniques such as ebb-and-flow and nutrient film hydroponics to produce weekly lettuces harvested year-round. These techniques not only significantly reduce water and chemical use, but Lakeville takes their sustainable practices even further by heating their greenhouses with waste heat piped in from a nearby electrical plant. Furthermore, Lakeville commits to avoiding the use of genetically-modified organism (GMO) seeds.  All of their products are packed as living plants with roots on for maximum freshness and extended shelf-life.