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Asian pears

Item: 16234 – 1 Layer

Asian Pears are similar to an apple in texture and flavor, often being called “apple pears”. This sweet
fruit is meant to be eaten while it still feels hard, and is always sold ripe. This Japanese variety has a
rounder shape than the traditional pear shape; they vary in color from golden yellow to russet green and
are often speckled with small brown spots. Something to note: Asian Pears have a high water content.


The Asian Pear can be dated back to as early as the 6th
century in China, when it was first mentioned in a
historical book. Native to China and Japan, Asian Pears
have been grown for over 3000 years! During the Edo
period in Japan, these pears were believed to ward off evil
and misfortune. They were often planted near gates and
property lines for protection. The first variety of Asian
pears brought to the United States were recorded in 1820
in New York. However, there was a boom of Asian Pears
when immigrants from Japan and China relocated to
California for the Gold Rush.

PEARfect Recipe Ideas

  • Asian Pear Cole Slaw
  • Scallops with a jalapeño, Asian
  • Par, and lime relish
  • Vanilla Spice Asian Pear Butter
  • Asian Pear Crisp with Rolled Oats
  • Asian Pear Vinaigrette