Forelle Pears (pronounced for-EL) are crisp, tangy, and refreshingly sweet. They originated in the 1600s in northern Germany. The name forelle means “trout” in German, likely alluding to its red freckling and similar colors. It is now harvested in Oregon and Washington from October through January, as well as in Chile from March through August.

These pears are naturally sweet with a flesh that is slightly firmer than most pears. They’re smaller in size making them an ideal hand fruit. Some applications include:

  • forelle pear, greek yogurtm honey
  • forelle pear and watercress salad with goat cheese and walnuts
  • forelle pear and mango salsa
  • forelle baked in pastry
  • grilled cheese and forelle pear sandwich

Like all pears, Forelles ripen at room temperature, but they are one of the few pears that changes colors as it ripens.  The  red freckling, called “lenticles,” remains visible, while an underlying green skin turns bright yellow.

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