Golden Delicious Apples

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What Are Golden Delicious Apples: Information About Golden Delicious Apple  Trees

First discovered in West Virginia, Golden Delicious Apples are now a very popular supermarket variety. Their distinct yellow colored, thin skin holds a sweet, juicy, and crisp flesh. Its flavors are sweet like honey, but have slightly tart notes.

While many think its an offspring of Red Delicious, they are not even closely related. It was actually discovered by a chance seedling on the Mullins’ family farm in the early 1900s. It was later marketed as a companion to the Red Delicious variety so it could also grow in popularity.

Golden Delicious apples have great versatility:

  • snacking – crisp bite and tasty flavors
  • homemade apple juice or cider – naturally sweet and juicy
  • savory pairings (ex: cheese, chicken, salad) – sweet, spiced flavors
  • baking – firm and sweet

Our Golden Delicious Apples are sourced both locally (Hess Farms in Pennsylvania) and nationally (Washington State).