Red D’Anjou Pears

Red D’Anjou Pears (16090) 35/40 CT

Red D’Anjou Pears have an egg shaped appearance with a dark maroon color, making a great addition to a centerpiece at the table. As they ripen, there is only a slight change in color, but the best way to tell that these pears are ripe is the thumb test. Gently put pressure near the stem with your thumb, if it yields slightly, then the pear is ripe. The white flesh develops a mild, sweet flavor with ample juices.

History of Red D’Anjou Pears

Discovered in the early 1950’s in Oregon as a “bud sport”, Red D’Anjou Pears were found on the Green D’Anjou trees. “Bud sports” are naturally occurring transformations on trees, often going unnoticed, but because of the unique coloring, they were selected for cultivation. Green D’Anjou pears were thought to have originated in France, but now are predominately grown in the Pacific Northwest in the US. Both red and green d’anjou pears represent over 30 percent of the US pear market.

Health Benefits

They contain vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin B6, iron, magnesium, and some riboflavin.

Recipe Ideas

Red D’Anjou Pears are great both raw and cooked, with applications like grilling, poaching, roasting, and baking. Raw slices can be added to a green salad, chopped into a festive pico de gallo, and adorned on a lush charcuterie board. Poach them in white or red wine or bake into tarts. They PEAR great with sweet potatoes, radicchio, kale, arugula, green olives, cinnamon, and lemongrass.