SATSUMA MANDARINS (15131) 1/2 bushel

Not to be confused with clementines, oranges, or tangerines, Satsumas are mandarins. With an easy-to-peel flesh, they’re sweet like honey with a slight acidity. They’re fun-sized and seedless making them the perfect winter snack. The leaves remain attached to protect the fruit, working as a cushion for the fruit in transit. When they are harvested, the peel can accidentally rip if the stems are removed.

History of Satsuma Mandarins

The name of these delicious mandarins come from their province in Japan. They were first brought to America by the Jesuits in the 18th century. They started planting groves north of present-day New Orleans. Between 1908 and 1911, about one million Owari mikan (mandarin) trees were imported through the lower Gulf Coast. The towns of Satsuma in Alabama, Florida, Texas, and Louisiana were all named after this fruit. Satsuma mandarins are still commonly grown there today.

Health Benefits

Satsuma mandarins are rich in vitamins C and A, and plenty of antioxidants. They are a good source of dietary fiber and potassium. This low-calorie snack boosts immune systems because of its high vitamin C content.

Recipe Ideas

  • add fresh pieces to a salad
  • use the juice for cocktails or a smoothie
  • pairs well with sweet and spicy flavors like soy, ginger, garlic, vanilla, or honey
  • candy the peel