The High Road

From Day One

You Run a Company Differently When Your Name Is on the Truck

Keany produce delivery truck

For four decades, the Keany family has been serving its customers in ways other produce companies won’t, or can’t. This is the Keany Way – going the extra mile, delivering on every detail.

Keany Produce began in 1978 with a man, a van, and a customer. From that beginning, the tenets of doing business with Keany have been fairness, human consideration and personal attention – whether you were a customer, a grower, or an employee.

Today, Keany customers include high-end restaurants with celebrity chefs, quick-serve chains, exclusive hotels, country clubs, school systems, hospitals, major supermarket groups and gourmet specialty stores. The Keany product line includes not only every variety of fruit and vegetable that can be found, procured and freshly delivered -- but a robust collection of dairy, seasonal, and specialty products as well. Keany offers an unmatched capability to custom prepare items in an endless array of varieties, to meet exacting buyer specifications.

We don’t see our business as shipping produce from here to there. We bring food to someone’s plate.”

-- Kevin Keany

A history of making history.

As the region’s longest-tenured produce distributor, Keany was first to offer special services that have since been adopted by others.

  • Priority on local, peak-season sourcing, enhanced by deep personal relationships with region’s premier local growers
  • Personal inspections for incoming and outgoing shipments, often conducted by a Keany principal, to ensure customer compliance
  • Distribution six days/week for most customers, with late-night ordering for next-day deliveries
  • Keany Express last-minute deliveries, plus make-good distributions subbing for other shippers
  • Special cut capability that has expanded to become Keany Kuts – offering upwards of 1700 specialty cuts, the broadest line of custom-prepared produce in the region
  • Sustainable practices, including redistribution of excess inventory back to farms for processing as livestock feed
  • Gateway to Gourmet program, bringing new produce products and menu ideas to chefs at their restaurant

A Family Business, Built From the Ground Up

Ted Keany Chris Keany Kevin Keany Dan Keany
  • Early on, Keany customers could pick up the phone and talk to the owner. They still can.

    Keany has never been acquired, merged, or run by a corporate parent. The Keany way has been the company’s only plan for business, and four decades of consistent growth has validated its wisdom.

  • Ted Keany

    Vice President, Sales

    Ted takes charge of sales and marketing and provides the long-range strategic vision for the company. Ted’s insights have made it possible for the company to develop its state-of-the-art methods and facilities, while maintaining its signature family culture and personal service roots.

  • Chris Keany

    Vice President, Operations

    Because of Chris, the Keany facilities are the cleanest on the East Coast, and the Keany fleet the sharpest, best-maintained trucks in the industry.  If there’s a newer, more effective way to manage and run a food distribution operation, chances are Chris will invent it.

  • Kevin Keany

    President and Founder

    From one truck and one customer, Kevin has personally nurtured the growth of Keany, and overseen the day-to-day operations of all departments.  That’s a lot of growth, and a lot of departments. 

  • Dan Keany

    Vice President, Acquisitions

    Dan maintains the company’s relationships with the region’s – and the world’s – most accomplished growers, shippers, local farmers and regional suppliers. Which assures Keany customers of having consistent access to the best of the fresh from near and far.

Man on forklift

Freshness in Motion

Today, Keany Produce & Gourmet operates two world class facilities, in Landover, MD and Richmond, VA, each with multiple climate controlled zones to optimize freshness for every item.

Keany’s fleet of more than170 state-of-the-art, refrigerated produce trucks distributes to customers in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Washington, DC.

Keeping Our Planet Healthy

Our produce comes from nature. Operating in the most sustainable ways isn’t just respectful – it’s essential to the health of the planet that feeds us. Here are some of the ways we are reducing our footprint:

  • Fleet of advanced produce trucks with emissions reducing technology
  • Advanced routing software to speed distribution routes, plus cloud-based contact between trucks and headquarters to update customers on precise delivery times
  • State-of-the-art food terminals with multiple climate-control zones
  • Leading-edge inventory management system to assure unmatched variety of freshest products and a rapid fill rate (orders met through existing inventory) second to none
  • Re-distributing excess inventory back to farms for livestock feed