Arnold Farms

As a first generation farmer, Bob Arnold, takes pride in his vegetable farm located adjacent to the Chester River in Queen Anne’s County, Maryland. The farm includes over 300 acres of specialized vegetable crops and flowers. Arnold’s dedication to environmental sustainability is apparent in his soil-conserving no till methods, nutrient management system (including the spray of an algae-derived solution that returns necessary bacteria and fungi back into the soil), and extensive crop rotations to regain essential nutrients through the planting of nitrogen-fixing crops. Arnold Farms is also committed to reducing the amount of plastic used on the farm by significantly cutting back on the use of plastic tarp. Throughout the change of seasons, Arnold and his team of 10 work hard to produce the finest leaf lettuce, squash, sweet corn, pumpkins, cauliflower, tomatoes, and cantaloupe, while maintaining their Maryland GAP certification to ensure the highest level of food safety.