The look of a leader

Employee Appreciation Picnic 2021

June 30, 2021

We had a wonderful time thanking our hard-working employees at our annual Employee Appreciation Picnic. Here are a few photos from the day!

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Keany holiday party

Keany Holiday Party 2018

December 21, 2018

We had a great time celebrating our 40th year and our amazing team at our annual holiday party!

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Apple orchards

Up in the Mountains with Crown Orchards

November 5, 2018

Local Farm Highlight by Cassidy Williams and Jenna Keany Watch our video from Keany’s recent farm trip to Crown Orchards: About the Chiles Family & Crown Orchards Crown Orchards spans over 1,000 mountaintop acres in Virginia with beautiful panoramic views of Charlottesville. They have been one of Central Virginia’s most prolific fruit growers for…

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Colorful Caulilini: Mann’s Newest Produce Innovation

October 9, 2018

Mann Packing, recently acquired by Del Monte Fresh Produce, has introduced another succulent product to the produce industry. The Caulilini™ SweetStem™ Cauliflower, is a cauliflower variety with blonde florets and a bright green stem. Similar in structure to its produce sibling, Broccolini®, Caulilini™ offers a sweet, slightly nutty flavor. Mann has been cultivating this highly-sought…

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Large Purple Ninja Radish

September 5, 2018

  Babé Farms, located in Santa Maria, California, is now supplying Large Purple Ninja Radishes (17699) to Keany Produce and Gourmet. Babé Farms is family owned and operated by Judy Lundberg-Wafer and her son, Jeff Lundberg. Many employees have been with the company for over 20 years. Babé Farms is known as the pioneers for…

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Barista pouring coffe

Non-Dairy Milk Trend

August 28, 2018

Non-Dairy Milk Trend Consumers are constantly altering their diets based on the latest food or nutrition trends and fads. The non-dairy category has been growing exponentially over the past five years. The percentage of Americans who are vegan, on plant-based diets, or have a dairy intolerance is increasing. According to Vegetarian Times, approximately one million…

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Keany Sustainability logo

Sustainability Update: Westmoreland Berry Farms

June 27, 2018

Sustainability Update by Jenna Keany Two weeks ago, Keany hosted “a day on the farm” for customers interested in learning about the intricate, arduous, work farmers do to bring the freshest and most flavorful products to their establishments. Each farm on the tour was a longtime partner of Keany Produce & Gourmet, supplying a variety…

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Keany Sustainability logo

Sustainability Update: Local Hydroponics

May 30, 2018

Sustainability Update by Jenna Keany Hydroponic Farms have become increasingly more popular in the last two decades, as they can be grown in smaller spaces with less natural resources, making them some of the most environmentally-friendly agricultural methods in use. Instead of each plant resting in soil, plants are either placed on an inert substance…

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Keany Sustainability logo

Sustainability Update: Local versus Organic

May 16, 2018

Sustainability Update by Jenna Keany What is the difference between local and organic? Which is better for the environment? Is local food always organic? These are some of the hottest questions in the food industry today, and what better time to address them than during our local month? Firstly, buying local or organic food (or…

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Sustainability Update: Imperfectly Delicious

May 9, 2018

Sustainability Update by Jenna Keany Did you know Keany Produce & Gourmet has an on-going ‘Imperfectly Delicious Program’ selling cosmetically-flawed produce? In 2015, Keany started to market cosmetically imperfect produce, or fruits and vegetables that don’t meet physical standards in the food industry, usually in regards with size, shape, diameter, consistency, and color. When produce…

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