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The news at Keany includes more than produce. In fact something new comes up all the time.

FARM FOCUS: Two Maryland Farms, Two Ways of Farming

Post and Photography by: Cassidy Williams This spring season has been dampened (literally) by rain. Lucky for us, we were able to visit two Maryland farms on ideal spring days. After what seemed like an eternity for this area to have consistent sunshine and warm weather, we were concerned about how the fields would look…

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Up in the Mountains with Crown Orchards

Apple orchards

Local Farm Highlight by Cassidy Williams and Jenna Keany Watch our video from Keany’s recent farm trip to Crown Orchards: About the Chiles Family & Crown Orchards Crown Orchards spans over 1,000 mountaintop acres in Virginia with beautiful panoramic views of Charlottesville. They have been one of Central Virginia’s most prolific fruit growers for…

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Sustainability Update: Westmoreland Berry Farms

Keany Sustainability logo

Sustainability Update by Jenna Keany Two weeks ago, Keany hosted “a day on the farm” for customers interested in learning about the intricate, arduous, work farmers do to bring the freshest and most flavorful products to their establishments. Each farm on the tour was a longtime partner of Keany Produce & Gourmet, supplying a variety…

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Sustainability Update: Why buy Local?

Keany Sustainability logo

Sustainability Update by Jenna Keany This month, our sustainability team will be highlighting our extensive and unmatched LOCAL program. After 35+ years in the business, we have developed long and fruitful (pun intended) partnerships with farms in VA, MD, NC, PA, and NJ. Not only does supporting local farms better our community and strengthen its…

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In The Pipeline: Local Asparagus


In the Pipeline: Local Asparagus This week seems to be a lucky local week! Strawberries are coming tomorrow or Thursday and now, Local Asparagus might be here on Friday! Join #CountdownToLocal  

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Local Update: North Carolina Strawberries


Local Update: Local North Carolina Strawberries Local North Carolina Strawberries are projected to arrive Wednesday or Thursday night from Lewis Nursery & Farms in Rocky Point, NC! Join the #CountdownToLocal

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Local Radish Varieties Almost Here!


Local Update: Local Radish Varieties Are Almost Here We are expecting some beautiful local radish varieties in about 2 to 3 weeks from Baywater Greens & Tuscarora Farms in Maryland! Join the #CountDownToLocal

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Local North Carolina Strawberries on the Way!

Cartons of strawberries

These beautiful local North Carolina strawberries will be the first of the local products to come in! Weather permitting, these should arrive approximately, April 14th from Lewis Nursery and Farms in Rocky Point, NC. The Maryland local strawberries will be available mid-May! Join the #CountdownToLocal

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Coming Soon: Local Asparagus!

Asparagus plants

Coming Soon: Local Asparagus!   Lisa Godfrey of Godfrey’s Farm has local asparagus on the ground! We project these will be ready around the first week of May. Join the #CountdownToLocal!  

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